Cash Register’s

Cash Register CRT Type 2

Low Cost Point of Sale

Quick Simple Reliable

For the person starting out  in the retail business that requires a quick simple reliable Cash Register, the NO-Name type 2 is for you.

It comes standard with a 58mm Thermal Printer

allowing for electronic Audit Tracking via the Till Roll

It has  the following Specification

Drawer with 3 bills, 8 coins: compact illustrated
W: 35.5cm x D: 42cm x H: 8.5cm (drawer)
  • X / Z Key-lock
  • 16 Departments,
  • 1 Station Drop in Thermal Paper Printer roll,  57mm wide
  • 10 digit numerical Customer Display
  • 24 digit alpha text description
  •  Electronic Journal, training mode
  • 24 digit alpha text description


Rating: 4 out of 5.
  • RZ-E-701
  • Counterfeit Note Detector